As of tomorrow, November 3 2010, we'll no longer be able to use the old wiki skin (monaco). Wikia is forcing us to switch to the abomination that you most likely have been looking at for the last couple of weeks (if you had no registered account here). It's called Oasis.

As a result, the content area is squished to a narrow fixed size, there are more ads and all kinds of eye pollution.

There is software that will block the ads and the most of the crap. Unfortunately, not much can be done for the small width, and whatever can be done is pointless anyway since it only works for logged-in users.

The width is even more noticeable in the Treasure Maps page. I was very fond of the old layout (3 pictures in each row, like at the R. Joseph's site). Now it's much harder to use...

There's nothing we can do (well, I definitely won't make another wiki with this company in the future). There has been plenty of feedback about this, it looks like almost everyone hates this skin. Wikia simply ignored the users.

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