Most towns in Patrician 3 are classified as Hanseatic Towns, Hanseatic Trading Offices and Hanseatic Trading Stations.

Players also have the option to create two Hanseatic Settlements once they become canditates for the Alderman's position.

Hanseatic Town

Hanseatic Towns can be selected as a player's hometown, either at the start of the game or by choosing to move in through the Trading Office button. The rank of Lord Mayor can only be reached in these cities.

There are twelve Hanseatic Towns. In unmodded maps they are Hamburg, Bremen, Rostock and Luebeck as well as Cologne, Stettin, Gdansk, Visby, Riga, Reval, Torun and Stockholm.

Hanseatic Trading Office

Cities designated as Trading Offices cannot be selected as hometown, and don't allow moving in. Other than that, they function as Hanseatic Towns.

In unmodded maps there are four Trading Offices: Bergen, London, Bruges and Novgorod.

Hanseatic Trading Station

Trading Stations offer the most basic options, with no Guild building and no Shipyard available.

In unmodded maps there are eight Trading Stations: Malmö, Edinburgh, Scarborough, Groningen, Ripen, Oslo, Aalborg and Ladoga.

Hanseatic Settlement

Two Settlements can be estabilished by the player (or his computer-controlled competitors). The option of creating a city is offered in the Town Hall as a Task for the candidates for the position of Alderman.

Such settlements do not have a Guild building or a Shipyard. Their founder has a permanent position of Town Manager, which gives him privileges similar to a Lord Mayor.

There is no Town Council, so the founder can freely do anything that normally requires a vote (changing tax rates, expanding the military, building Town Walls, levying extra taxes).