Captains watch out for storms and icebergs that could damage the ship, and are required to create convoys and automatic trade routes.

Usually there are at least two captains at any time available in random taverns (river towns are a good bet early on). If you hire one of them, a new one will appear in a day or so. If you don't hire captains for a long time, a lot of captains will be available in various taverns.


Captains have three skills: Trade, Sailing and Fighting, the level of each skill can range from 0 to 5. Highly skilled captains receive more gold every day. Captain's age will determine how long they will serve you, they retire after a few decades.

Trade skill
Allows the captain to purchase goods at a lower price (there is no bonus for selling goods):

  • Trade 1 - 5% discount
  • Trade 2-3 - 7% discount
  • Trade 4 - 9% discount
  • Trade 5 - 10% discount

Works with: automatic trading.
Doesn't work with: manual trading, expeditions (expedition prices are randomly rolled based on the time of sailing off the map).

Sailing skill
Improves a ship's manoeuvrability and speed during combat.

Works with: combat speed and manoeuvrability.
Doesn't work with: sea travel speed, expedition travel speed.

Fighting skill
Gives sailors an advantage in boarding battles.